St. Catharines & Area Aquarium Society

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Thanks from the kids at St. Catharines Child Care Centre where Tom Hillier has set up 5 tanks and fish donated by our club and from Big Al's Stoney creek.


Tom and Pat Bridges We began our hobby close to 40 years ago. We`ve bred about 140 species, from livebearers to angelfish to discus and other cichlids, many tetras and barbs, plecostomus, catfish, rasboras and more Our daughter was given an aquarium, which she enjoyed for a few years. When her interest changed, we continued with her aquarium – our hobby grew from there. Our favourite fish were our Anablep anableps. Anableps are rarely kept and bred. They have a divided eye which enables them to see clearly above the waterline and makes them very much aware of their keepers, (which was us). We heard about it from a local pet store owner. Interesting programs, opportunities to meet others with similar interests, sources of healthy fish and aquatic plants, etc.

 Gerald Carter's Angel Fish!

Ken Brady's PLanted Tank then and now

3 days old

3 years old